Rain Dance Online Slots

King Solomon's Casino has released Rain Dance Slots.This New Slot Game is a 20 Payline, 5 Reel, Random Jackpot Slots.

You can win up to 40,000 times your line bet, per Paid Spin.There is a scatter symbol and a substitute symbol.The Substitute symbol is the Chieft, and the Coyote is the Scatter Symbol.

When you get three or more of the Coyote Scatter Symbols on the reels you will trigger the Bonus Feature.The bonus feature is either in the form of free games, or a re-spin feature.The Free Games are awarded when you get 3 or more of the coyotes, and you will get 10, 15, or 100 free games (depending on the number ofcoyotes on the reels).

The re-spin feature is awarded when you get 2 or more of the coyotes anywhere on the reels.The re-spin feature works by first paying you out for any of the wins, then the reels with a scatter coyote symbol are held while the other reels are spun once.Scatter pays are then awarded (only scatter pays are available to collect on).If you were to have 5 scattered coyotes, the re-spin would have all of the reels spinning.

The Random jackpot can be won at the conclusion of every game.The Random jackpot can be won by any player, playing any amounton a paid spin.

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