Mister Money Online Slots

Mister Money is a Random Jackpot New Slot Game from King Solomon's Casino.The Random Jackpot will be randomly awarded at the conclusion of any game.So any player, playing any amount of coin can be awarded the random jackpot.

Mister Money is a 20 Pay Line, and 5 Reel Slot Game.This New Slot Games theme is a rich life.With fast cars, diamonds, cash and jewelery.

There are scatter symbols that appear anywhere and the winnings will be multiplied by your total bet.The scatter symbol is the Red Diamonds, and the Substitute Symbol is the White Diamonds.

You will also find a Bonus Feature in the Mister Money Random Jackpot Slots.The Bonus Feature is triggered when you get Three or more Red Diamonds appearing right to left or left to right.In this Bonus Feature you will get to select from 15 bags of money, this will reveal either 3 Free Games, or an Increased Multiplier.You will get Three, Four, or Five picks from the money bags, depending on how many of the Red Diamonds triggered the Bonus Feature.

The Bonus Feature Retrigger will add on another 10, 15, or 25 free games to the amount you still have left, and the Free Games wins are doubled, modified by increases revealed with the Bags of Money.

You can win up to 40,000 times your bet per line per paid spin.

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