Online Casino Games - European Roulette Gold

European Roulette Gold to be released at the end of October fromRoxy Palace casino is a new edition of European Roulette.This new version has the added betting features of a Neighbor betting track and a Call Bets Feature.

There are numbers dixplayed on the table that you can select from on the Neighbor betting track.When you select one of those numbers, a bet in the current selected chip size will be placed on the table for you.All the bets place are on the neighbors of the selected numbers (as they appear on the table).You can place a minimum of 1 to a maximum of 8, number of neighors on the table.

Call Bets are the other feature offered in this new European Roulette Gold.Call Bets are a group of pre-determined and pre-named bets.These are the equivalent to bets that you would hear shouted out in a land-based casino for the dealer to place.You can place one or a mutliple of these Bets on the Table!

You can play European Roulette Gold at Roxy Palace Casino and at Spin Palace Casino.Both Online Casinos have great NEW video poker games and casino games released every month!

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