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An All new Cashville Online Slots Game has been released at the end of July.This new game will help you live out your dreams of living the high life.This exciting new 5 Reel, 20 Payline and multi coin Bonus Feature Slot Game, also features a Wild and Scatter Symbol.A Double your money Gamble opportunity and 4 New Bonus GAmes.In these new bonus games you get to choose a larger-than-life billionaire to make your fortunes become a reality.

Cashville Online Slots Bonus Game Billionaires are Bill Bullion a oil baron with his oil rigs, Dame von Deeds with her temting portfolios and her blue hair, Sir Sterling with his buling bank vaults, and Betty Boodle the blonde widow with her great art collection.

If that isn't enough to get you interested in playing Cashville Online Slots, the real treasure is the envy inducing jackpot that stands at 500,000 COINS, and if you are lucky enough to get it on the Bonus Feature you can add another 45,000 COINS to that figure!

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