Online Casino Games - Crazy Chameleons Golden Goose Online Slots Game

Crazy Chameleons Golden Goose Online Slots Game is a brand new slot game to be released from Spin Palace casino.The Golden Goose Bonus Feature Games have been so popular that almost all of the classic slots games are being re-released with the golden goose bonus feature games!This month the Crazy Chameleons Slots Game is comming out with the Golden Goose Bonus Feature Games.The Golden Goos Bonus Feature requires an additional bet to qualify (just like when playing progressive jackpot slot games you have to bet the maximum amount to be eligiblefor the progressive jackpot!).

The Golden Goose Bonus Features consist of 4 bonus games.WE have all of these bonus games descriptions on our Golden Goose Bonus Feature Games.The 4 names of the 4 golden goose bonus games are Random credits, Pick X of Y, Money or the Egg, and Pick a Card.

To Play this new version of the Golden Goose bonus feature games, Crazy Chameleons visit Spin Palace Casino.With new games comming out every month, Spin Palace will always have something new for you to play.Good Luck!! and Have fun playing casino games online!

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